Sunday, January 30, 2011

today i had some time to play. I am really learning my Scal program. My daughter wanted a drum set for the cover of her folder for band. Well i had the rockin racheal set from TBD and we just need a drum set, so here is what i came up with? what do you think?

if you are interested in the scal 2 cut file just make a donation and mention this file :)


will work on the eyes i am used to bear eyes will have to play around more. My daughter likes says it looks like heavy make up :) Now off to try a boy one for my son :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mailbox Valentine box

Made this template today for my sons preschool class.  they are going to decorate it before assembly.  Just thought i would share....if you are interested in the scal2 file a donation would greatly be apprecated (donation button in the right top) and mention this file.
Isn't the flag a nice touch :)

this is the final box measuring approx. 4.5 long 6.5 tall and 3 wide really good size for valentine cards and more.   can decorate as you like

this is the way the kids will be getting it to color

showing the inside how much room there is :)